Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea BOOK REVIEW

Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea BOOK REVIEW

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Ernest Hemingway - The Old Man and the Sea BOOK REVIEW

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34 thoughts on “Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea BOOK REVIEW”

  • I also just finished another sculpture that has not been cast yet of Santiago staggering forward with his harpoon across his shoulders and the head of the fish as a skeleton drags behind in a crucifix position enter amongst the skeleton itself is the story of his life

  • I really enjoyed your review and very engaged with the store I'm actually a sculptor and just did a 70 lb sculpture of Santiago and the boat and the Marlin coming out above the waves the first time that they actually see I'm a regular writer for sporting classics magazine and wrote an essay to support that piece you can see that my name on this YouTube is Marlon strike so very engaged with fishing in the outdoors and adventure and all of those things if you're interested in seeing a picture of the sculpture and maybe reading the essay my email address is the same thing Marlon strike at Yahoo take care good job I will watch more of your reviews

  • I read it in about four sittings and I did not care much for it, which I found very disappointing in itself.

    The whole narrative fell flat and I often found the language confusing or even overwrought—which was odd given that I’ve enjoyed the Nick Adams stories and others like “The Killers”, which I rank in my top twenty short stories.

  • have you ever read islands in the stream? There is a scene that a boy fights with a great marlin. it is beautiful. The book was supposed to be the first part of the old man and the sea. the First part of islands is incredible.

  • Enjoyable but not truly great. Best quote. " A man can be destroyed but not defeated". Still I'm not sure that is really true. Plenty of men were destroyed in their defeat.

  • I loved a Farewell to Arms, and there were some just gorgeous passages, but the Old Man takes the cake. Nothing pumps you up like Santiago simultaneously battling and embracing Nature. Also, I've gotta add:
    What happened to the McCarthys and the Hemingways of literature? Love to get some suggestions of a great physical adventure story, instead of the masturbatory culture and identity obsessed stuff that every publisher puts out these days
    I mean, it's great if you're an upper middle class twenty something bisexual woman, but for the rest of us… give us the sharks 😉

  • Really enjoy your channel have opened me to so many books never would have tried way you describe every book is awesome you have a gift was wondering if you ever read John Irving

  • I work as optical assistant in Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska/Bosnia and Herzegovina) . Small store, nothing special, few customers per day, but good thing about this job is: there is a lot of free time that I spend reading books online. Just before few days ago I read "Old men and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway for second or third time-first time I read it in high school where "Old man and the sea" was required reading- and I must say that this book is as good as a short novel can be…

  • I read this story in one sitting for a writing seminar class based entirely on Hemingway and his work. I ended up loving the story so much that I referenced it heavily in my final paper for the class. There's a lot of religious imagery in this book that I find so interesting. You can analyze baseball in the story as its own religion, Santiago's religion, and DiMaggio as his Christ figure OR there is a lot of evidence to compare Santiago and Jesus Christ himself. Great review for a great story!

  • To me when Santiago catches his whale of a fish, the sharks represent the leechers that show up in one’s life when a big wind of success arrives and they just want to take, take, take. If one isn't wise, one will end up with nothing in the end.

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