My review of Marvel Disney’s new Loki! Episode one.

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37 thoughts on “LOKI Ep .1 -REVIEW”

  • After your ig story about sharing differing opinions I'm going to drop this potentially controversial and unpopular opinion on you. As it stands after episode 1, I'm going to be seriously annoyed if they don't make the TVA out to be the bad guys. Granted it's only 1 episode but so far they have been portrayed as heartless time dictators. They play it for a laugh but we see them disintegrate a guy because he didn't have a ticket. No chance to go back to the other side of the room and get one, which would have taken all of 30 seconds, just instant disintegration as soon as he talks back to them. They also shamelessly destroy entire timelines just because they don't match what the all-powerful space lizards declare as the correct timelines. The infomercial even says you can get an entire branched timeline deleted just for being late to work. That is massively extreme. Not to mention the obvious statements about free will, namely that it doesn't exist because any choice that deviates from the space lizards ideal timeline brings instant annihilation. And if all the events of Endgame were supposed to happen, then Hulk was always supposed to knock Stark down, who was supposed to drop the Tesseract, but then Loki, god of mischief was supposed to Not pick up the Tesseract and escape minutes after being captured…which to me would have been a massive breach of character for post-avengers Loki.

    Also, I don't like the way that the term "multiverse" has been used in Dr Strange and in Loki but clearly are referring to 2 completely different things. In Dr Strange, the multiverse refers to different parallel dimensions within a singular timeline and in Loki it refers to alternate timelines containing innumerable parallel dimensions. So I personally would like some clarification on that as well.

  • I don’t think it made out that they were so powerful the infinity stones don’t count. I took it more as that the infinity stones don’t matter there due to the no-magic system. You can’t have the bigger bomb in the world but if you can’t set it off it’s useless 💣

  • Infinity Stones not having power outside of their native universe does have some precedence in the comics from what I understand. Given that the Agency is apparently capable of deleting variant timelines with a small device that's part of the Minutemen's standard loadout, that's a pretty reasonable jump.

    They seem to be setting up some kind of multiversal conflict, given how they've described the rules of time travel, the impending arrival of more time-travelling villains (Doctor Doom, Kang the Conqueror), and the fact that the TVA was created in the aftermath of a similar war in the past.

    This probably means the TVA will be either destroyed or crippled during the course of the show, probably by Loki himself to overthrow the tyranny of the Time Keepers in the name of free will, or at least his own (which, incidentally, would definitely add credence to his title as God of Mischief, albeit in a darker sense).

  • I think most people who have issues with the show just don't realize the TVA are meant to be the big bads truly, horrific Bureaucratic 'Beige Evil' fuckwads who need to be burned down to cinder.

  • I love your aguments, I thought the same for most of it. But at the end you talk about the show not having deepest meanings, but I think there is actually one about freewill. In time travel stories with an unique timeline the main question is often about the freewill of the characters. Are they making their own choices, or are they condemned by how things are written ?

    In this show I think Loki is determined to take his own decisions to proove he is making is own choices. Even if it means breaking the flow of time and being responsible of the creation of multiple timelines clashing between each others, finally leading the end of the world. Like setting up Ragnarok. Oh, wait… they already used that title…

  • I feel like the eventual "twist" for the series might have already been set up. In his convo with Mobius, Loki says the only person he trusts is himself. Yet we learn he's being hired to hunt down…himself. Seems like a pretty straightforward set up for a "bad guy is really the good guy, the good guys are really the bad guys" twist. Loki will confront himself, and probably learn the TVA is the real big bad. But I dunno, if I already caught that, it's probably a red herring.

  • The agency seemed way overpowered to me. Definitely enjoyed the overall episode. But I feel like the setup could create a lot of questions and problems in the future.

  • I really don't think that scene diminished the infinity stones at all. It was the events of Infinity War and Endgame that carried so much weight, not the stones; the stones were just tools. More over that scene to me added to this background concept that I saw playing out in the interaction between Loki and the TVA as the contrast between the pagan definition of a god and the Abrahamic definition.

  • I'm conflicted about the show so far. I wanted Loki being Loki, so far we've just had him get beat up by a time traveling rent-a-cop. On top of that we have the central part of the story building for the whole MCU up to now being reduced to paper weights. This could really undermine the weight and continuity of the interwoven story. If the show resolves right though it could be really interesting and serve as a jumping off point for other things. As it stands now though I'm really hating the way that the TVA has essentially co-opted all the decisions of every character in the series so far. Nothing that's been done matters at this point, it's all just permitted because they like it. Anything else was cut off and time bombed out of exsistence.

  • I'm pretty sure Loki not being as powerful or important as he frequently claims is sort of the point. It's a persona he puts on because he's actually afraid that he isn't powerful enough, so now he has to grapple with being confronted by the fact he isn't; that his "glorious purpose" isn't all that glorious and just how small he is in the face of the TVA. It works great as a setting for a character study of Loki I think. I'm not sure the TVA is as ultimately powerful as they claim, but they seem to believe it, and it functions as a contrast to the powerlessness Loki is forced to confront.

  • It is lore that infinity stones only work in the universe they are from, so I just assume that he BAU exists outside the respective multiverses in a pocket dimension of sorts so when the infinity stone's are brought there they become innert.

  • I liked the infinity stone joke because in that realm magic is negated so they really are just rocks, but I didn't like what they implied. Like, up to this point it was a FIGHT to get the stones and use them correctly and so many things could have gone wrong and almost did, so the reveal that things did go wrong ALOT and the TVA just stepped in a reset it feels like it uncut everything and made the struggles of the movies unearned. Also I want more information about the TVA people, are they human, do they age, do they have families, do they eat? It looks like a city but does everyone just work all the time? And why is this timeline the one that was chosen? I thought Endgame was super messy, there were a lot of plot holes, Thanos being brought to the future and somehow that didn't screw up the timeline???

  • When I saw that one scene where he's in the plane with a bomb in the trailer I really thought it was going to be a really important scene, so I was really disappointed when it was just a flashback scene.

  • I got a very big "what's the point" feeling out of the first episode. More like, what's been the point of everything if this thing exists, moderating and changing timelines as soon as things change in a direction some mysterious group decides is wrong. It nullifies the successes and stakes of all the previous and future movies (assuming the TVA doesn't get destroyed, which is likely… or at least the hopeful outcome).

    I will be annoyed if we have another "good" villain (anti-hero) type thing going on with a female loki fighting the TVA (essentially, 2 villains fighting each other.) I guess this might tie in with Wandavision and the upcoming Multiverse of Madness thing… but I have to admit, I'm not excited for that, or any, future Marvel movies.

  • I think the infinity stones not working is an interesting choice, if this world takes place outside of space and time. When you enter the dimention of the minute men, everything that has power in any universe loses its power. It could be why Loki doesn't have access to his power and why all the minute men are relying on technology and devises, but otherwise seem to be just human.

  • Some random thoughts:
    – The TVA felt like 'power creep' in video games. It feels like we're upping the power level because we can't combine the current mechanics into something new and creative.
    – Tossing around the infinity stones felt demeaning to the stakes in the previous movies. Though I read someone explain the stones being useless because they have power only over their own dimension, which seems reasonable.
    – I don't like Loki hunting himself, as it muddies the identity of the character. I'd have much preferred having a new villain. Also, having taken this Loki from after the first avengers movie, it backtracks on all of his character development throughout the later movies. Having him see his future was done to bring his character up to speed with what we expect from the latest movies, but it feels to me like poor substitution.

    Despite the janky setup, I really like Tom Hiddleston and I hope the rest of the show is interesting.

  • I had to click off this video – please reconsider playing video for future episodes in an episode review. I understand these clips are out there but I don't want to be spoiled for future episodes. Otherwise keep up these reviews – love 'em!

  • well, one thing you can say about this series so far: it doesn't take itself…or anything else…very serious.
    Little too "wacky" for my tastes. It's like "Hitchhiker's Guide" meets "Timecop"…or a bad episode of "Freddy's Nightmares".

  • Yeah .. i found the op nature of this really cheap. Its not just the stones, its that we spent three phases building them up but if there was a group who have MULTIPLE it takes away their value and were there ALL ALONG then … what was the race for? Why do they even care? Why is THIS the sacred timeline?

    And im really scared / disappointed that after wandavision, this episode does pretty much the same formula "throw side character into bizarre setting. Explain nothing (or in loki's case, hand-wave it so I dont even know if its a plot point or a plot hole. I get the sense that if its a joke rather than a mystery, thats the mcu saying 'dont expect a good explaination for this, why do you even care' yet still felt it warranted explaining at all … so they know the questions matter but dont care about the impact of the answers…) and then end with a single moment of weight and a cliffhanger. I worry the jokes are so centre stage that nothing meaningful (that isnt a retread of Loki Be Good) is properly set up, and all of the legitimate premise issues are glossed over in a way the show seems to think satisfactorily dismiss them.

    I feel like by the end of every D+ series, everyone loves the opening and the POTENTIAL the vagueness creates … and the pattern is then things lose direction and i fear we're walking into the same trap and no one has noticed because Loki's comic relief is being weilded to distract us. These shows are all just jokes (at the expense of anything actually progressing) and nuggets of baby steps forward just to get characters to "who they truly are" which … they already were besides the superficial title … and a lot of cheap twists and obvious reveals we predict two episodes in. And the amount of plot points dropped for future movies (agnes is still cursed in the town, towns people are just abandoned without wanda repercussions, white vision just flies off, sharon carter is evil and no one knows, zemo escapes just to be caught again just to be put in the raft because, walker had an arc of … being a hero? but then joins random lady who no one else knows about and was introduced last minute. And Loki is like "everything that ever happened in the mcu was enabled by us. Anyway. Oh you have questions about that blatant leap of power creep? Well thats a joke. Moving on now." (Its not just power creep, its something that renders Avengers 1 Loki completely passive in-story and all other stories convoluted out-story and sets a precedent that the next story can go "forget the time keepers, THEY only have power because WE control everything they can and cant do" and we get a ridiculous 'this can only exist if its bigger than the previous threat'. Its trying too hard to make a subplot antagonist 'bigger scale threat' than something that took 10 years build up, and only establishes its power by going "that meant nothing, just go with it".

    I understand mcu has always done long-form storytelling and different universes and …. but its really just the format that bothers me. To throw something so big or so vague in ep 1, dismiss all plot issues (like just saying "part of the plan" as a catch-all excuse for why loki is somehow the only part of the avengers time travel that wasnt expected, when hes a direct result of their actions.) And giving such long wait times breeds theories that breed disappointment, because its both times been revealed (even now with the second mention of devil, nightmare, nexus, whatever) that the writers just … pure coincidence, didnt think about it, didnt cut it after the WV backlash, they want people to talk about it but dont want to do the legwork to make it clear what is and isnt possible. Theres so little to go on because anything is possible because the foundation is so intentionally teasing and empty.

    Sigh. This is bugging me so much cause I think … the humour didnt work for me the way it clearly worked for so many others, which renders all the plot stuff … all there is to go on for me and i see so many problems that we all missed or dismissed in both WV and F&TWS. Now that im seeing the same problems three times, the format is driving me crazy and i think this show ruined it for me by how quickly it jumped the shark of throwing out causality of three whole phases just to make this one side story feel important.

  • I actually kinda liked the infinity stones bit. It showed that this bureaucracy is all encompassing, and I like the concept of the ultimate power of the entire universe beings these guys who don’t have any real ideals or beliefs beyond just following these arbitrary and Byzantine laws set by some random guys who none of them have probably met. I get the point that it kind of devalues the stakes of previous movies but I’m fine with that. It isn’t a continuous story, it’s a shared universe, and the stakes can be incredibly high in one story only for them to be completely broken down by revelations in the next. It can be useful to tell the right story if you can keep what you need and toss out what you don’t, and I feel like that’s a big part of comic book history and storytelling. It’s not necessarily the greatest thing ever but I don’t think it’s too bad

  • I really like the way you showed your rating at the end! Adds a bit of nuance to rating something out of 10, and still quickly communicates a lot about what you thought about the show. Very cool!

  • The only time I really like predeterminism in a fictional story is if the main character actively fights against fate, which is to say I hope the "sacred timeline" and the TVA end up collapsing in on itself.

  • Marvels is in a perpetual state of shark jumping when it comes to like "cosmic ultimate power" everyone introduces new things that under mine the stakesof the previous film. Sometimes that is just part of natural development through the films, but now every new thing has it's own special brand of world ending power.

  • I think the TVA gods are fake it's all kang or someone else calling the shots and there's already a multiverse the TVA employees are being played and they're all variants

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